About UpFront Restoration & Roofing

UpFront Restoration & Roofing in Colorado Springs was born from a desire to offer honest, quality work to our fellow neighbors. We hire and train our staff to value people more than profit, strive for excellence, and find solutions that line up with our customer’s preferences, not our own.

We are all about understanding your need, coming up with repair solutions that meet your situation, and allowing you to choose which repair option is best for your home.

At Upfront, we partner with you to find a repair or replacement solution that:

  • Solves your problem
  • Fits your preference
  • Pricing within your budget

We endeavor to provide our customers with options, and we respect your right to choose what’s best for you and your project. Respect is so important that we are okay if you choose a solution that means less profit for us or not use us at all.

Here you won’t find pressure. What you will find is a belief that doing what is best for people sells itself.

We also value quality and believe that a person must have integrity to deliver quality. A Field Supervisor must ensure that a laborer doesn’t stop short of the proper post hole depth. A Roof Supervisor must check that six nails are being used per shingle and not just the manufacturer required five nails. Our laborers are paid for the extra time it takes to do something right, not scolded for taking too long.

Understand that construction is not perfect, and it comes with its fair share of challenges. However, we don’t skip steps when no one is looking, we don’t take shortcuts when we come across a challenge, and we don’t choose the easiest solution simply because it’s the path of least resistance. We search for solutions that are best for you, the customer, and your job.

At Upfront Restoration & Roofing, you won’t find perfection, but you will find a culture that encourages its staff to strive for excellence.

Have More Questions?

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about your project or insurance.