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Colorado Springs Roof Repair

We repair roofs, and we enjoy doing it. If you feel your damage is minor, give us a call. We will go out and inspect it. If it turns out to be a quick repair, we will tell you. It’s a good day when an inspection allows us to inform homeowners that there is little or no damage to their roof.

Many times, it’s possible to button up exposed nail heads, replace a few shingles, or secure some flashing to provide confidence of more years of protection from a roof. Sure, we don’t make much money on a repair, but honesty is the right thing to do. And “honestly,” a repair today means you are likely to call us back in a few years when the roof really does need replacing. From our perspective, repairs are a win, win situation.

Colorado Springs Roof Replacement

We do roof replacement as well. Was your home hit by hail requiring a complete replacement? We can help. We regularly work with insurance companies. We understand the process and work with you through the process.

Is your roof simply old with delaminating shingles? Let’s do an inspection first. If an inspection reveals that the roof truly does need to be replaced, we can take care of you.

Roof Inspections

Try not to underestimate the importance of regular inspections and maintenance. Due to the local climate (high UV exposure, hot & cold temperatures), intense wind, and the almost annual hailstorms, the roof life expectancy in Colorado Springs is much shorter than other areas of the country. Timely repairs will mitigate the costs of repair work and effectively preserve the longevity of your roof — postponing a substantial expense. Roofs in Colorado Springs may not last as long, but we can help them last as long as possible.

Consider calling us if you recently had high winds or a hailstorm in your area. Or call us if you haven’t had a roof inspection in the last couple of years.

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We Repair And Replace Various Types Of Residential Roofing Materials, Including:

Asphalt Shingles — Asphalt shingles are a sturdy option with decent value and lifespan. They are available in various colors and textures to suit any home style.

Tile Roofs — Tile roofs are elegant and beautiful. They are also very easy to maintain. But they are heavy, and some roofing structures may not take the strain.

Metal Roofs — Metal roofing materials are available in a wide range of styles and colors to match all types of homes. They also help reduce the risk of fire and withstand hail very well. Furthermore, metal roofs are an environmentally responsible option.


Wind and hail don’t just damage a roof. They can damage fences, decks, sheds, paint, siding, and windows. The good news is that we replace those too!

Since we do more than just roofs, there is a good chance we can repair ALL of the damage caused by hail. That means you get the convenience of working with one company to complete all the repairs — no need to juggle 3 or 4 contractors. You have one Project Manager assigned to your job, and they manage all the trades with the support of an entire company behind them.

Have Questions?

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about your project or insurance.